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{Policies} Company Off Days

Incase you do not receive a reminder for these dates via email, please make a mental or physical note that our company holiday calendar is as stated below:

MonthCompany-Wide HolidaysAmanda's VacationsMinling's Vacations
MayMay 28th (Memorial Day)May 11th-18th (Mother's Day Bahamas Cruise)May 18th-30th (Family Trip To Greece & Turkey)
JuneJune 15th-17th (Grandfather's Funeral Service)June 23rd-30th (MindValley U in Tallinn, Estonia)
JulyJuly 26th-29th (Fame For Good Branding Retreat)July 17th (Amanda's Birthday)July 1st-15th (MindValley U in Tallinn, Estonia)
AugustAugust 24th-August 31st (Wedding Anniversary, and Marketing Nerds Mastermind Cruise Retreat)
SeptemberSeptember 3rd (Labor Day)September 14th-17th (Husband's Birthday Vacation in Las Vegas)September 7th-18th (Parent's 40th Anniversary Trip to Alaska)
OctoberOctober 29th-31th (A-Fest in Bali)
NovemberNovember 21st-23rd (Thanksgiving)November 6th-13th (Speaking In Dubai), November 29th-30th (China Vacation)November 1st-7th (A-Fest in Bali)
November 2nd (Minling's Birthday)
DecemberDecember 19th-26th (Christmas and 2019 Company Planning)December 1st-11th (China Vacation)December 11-17th (Mastermind in Tallinn)